West Virginia Starcher Weddings

Listing Complied By Lorie Starcher

(DISCLAIMER: Not all wedding are listed here, as I know that mine is not. Also some wedding are listed showing Starcher female exe's being re-married not noting their birth name.)

Abie Starcher   Nellie Moore   30 Jun 1949     Clay County
Abraham Starcher   Lucy Ellen Timmons     29 Mar 1893   Jackson County
Adam Starcher Emma F. Ash 17 Oct 1889 Calhoun County
Adam Starcher Nancy Hunt 14 Mar 1896 Jackson County
Agnes Marie Dennis Starcher   Dannie Naylor   19 Oct 1979 Clay County
Alice Starcher   Cecil McKown   23 Aug 1900   Calhoun County
Alice Starcher   Francis M. Snider   11 Mar 1879   Gilmer County
Amanda Starcher   William Seals   25 Jul 1880   Calhoun County
Amanda Starcher   Nathaniel Ellison   26 Apr 1874   Roane County
Andrew Starcher   Mahala Slaughter   27 Oct 1880   Jackson County
Andy Starcher Armalissa Schoolcraft 05 Mar 1870 Calhoun County
Andy Starcher Ethel Ann Boggs 30 Dec 1923 Clay County
Anna Starcher William D. Dillon 31 May 1891 Roane County

 Anna Starcher   Dillon Falls   30 Apr 1949 Clay County
Anna M. Starcher W. B. Hopkins 19 Oct 1895 Calhoun County
Ardelia Starcher   Semer D. Dawson   22 Apr 1923 Clay County
Ardelia H. Starcher   Clarence L. Coen   18 Feb 1932 Clay County
Arnold Starcher Mary Wright 15 Jan 1867 Roane County
Asbury Lewis Starcher Callie May 01 Apr 1923 Clay County
Azel Lucille Starcher   Van Cordell King   12 Jun 1960 Clay County

Belle Starcher J. A. Badgett 27 Dec 1891 Calhoun County
Belle Sheba Starcher Leroy Bissell 15 Feb 1891 Roane County
Benjamin F. Starcher Zera Marris Schoolcraft 23 Aug 1895 Roane County
Bertha Starcher Eli Johnson 19 Jan 1878 Roane County
Bert Starcher Mary Champ 24 Dec 1894 Roane County
Betsey Starcher William Ervin Miller 09 Jan 1876 Roane County
Beverly Nadine Starcher Clarence Jackson Stone 24 Jun 1967 Clay County
Bruce Allen Starcher Mary Lois Samples May 1, 1969

C. Starcher George Bell 10 Oct 1884 Calhoun County
C. M. Starcher Olive Blake 25 Aug 1896 Calhoun County
Carl Starcher Hester Sirk 05 Nov 1929 Clay County
Carol McClellan Starcher Anitra Diane Bragg 06 Oct 1956 Clay County
Carriet M. Starcher John D. Hamon 14 Sep 1890 Jackson County
Castena Starcher Henry A. Miller 15 Oct 1884 Roane County
Catharine Starcher Albert Postleweight 17 Dec 1876 Mason County
Catherine Starcher A. G. P. Postlewait 25 Dec 1876 Jackson County
Charity V. Starcher Henry T. Walker 08 Oct 1886 Roane County
Charles Starcher Bertha Young 05 Mar 1893 Roane County
Charles Starcher Lottie Kerby 29 Oct 1898 Calhoun County
Charles E. Starcher Susan Fore 23 Oct 1898 Roane County
Charles W. Starcher Lenora Firestone 24 Dec 1893 Gilmer County
Charles Wesley Starcher Edna Earl Armstrong 17 Apr 1895 Jackson County
Charley A. Starcher Lettie O. Johnson 25 Dec 1923 Clay County
Charlie Cecil Starcher Etta Fugate 19 Dec 1926 Clay County
Charlotte Starcher James A. Carpenter 03 Jul 1866 Roane County
Charlotte Mae Starcher Arnold Wayne McCracken 10 Aug 1968 Clay County
Clarinda Starcher Porter Boise 07 Sep 1885 Calhoun County
Clyde F. Starcher Audrey Magdalene Clendenin   Clay County
Columbus Starcher Florence Brown 23 AUg 1898 Roane County
Columbus Starcher Sarah A. Stalnaker 24 Dec 1882 Calhoun County
Cora Starcher Andrew Craddock 23 Mar 1885 Calhoun County
Corbert Gerald Starcher Nell Jean Ashley 20 Sep 1948 Clay County

D. W. Starcher Ellie Deal   24 Dec 1893 Calhoun County
Daisy Mae Starcher Carlson Roy Boyce 009 Apr 1969 Clay County
Dale Lee Starcher Shelby Ruth Rogers 22 Sep 1962 Clay County
Daniel Starcher Martha Murphy 25 Oct 1869 Roane County
Daniel Starcher Mira Young 09 Oct 1892 Roane County
Daniel Norman Starcher Lynn Ann Osborne 14 Apr 1990 Clay County
Daniel William Starcher Opal Drake 27 Feb 1943 Clay County
David Charles Starcher Wyona Esther Greathouse 06 Oct 1967 Clay County
County   David Charles Starcher Beverly Louise Douglas 19 Jan 1974 Clay County
David Whitney Starcher Martha Sue Bowe 01 Aug 1999 Clay County
Davis Starcher Mary Mace 12 Apr 1882 Roane County
Delbert Starcher Jr. Dovie Vernel Parks 29 Dec 1949 Clay County
Delia Starcher   Frank Runion   15 Jul 1936 Clay County
Delmer Winford Starcher Linda Pauline Stockwell 13 Feb 1971 Clay County
Delphia Stacher William Stine 22 Apr 1894 Roane County
Dick Starcher Radie Bragg 18 Dec 1945 Clay County
Dick Starcher Delores Jane Duffield 01 Aug 1959 Clay County
Dollie Starcher P. G. Deweese 11 Jul 1896 Calhoun County
Donald Clayton Starcher Carolyn Sue Adkins 04 Apr 1993 Clay County
Donald Herman Starcher Betty Lou Taylor 20 Nov 1958 Clay County
Donald Lee Starcher Wanda Lee Morton   Clay County
Donnie Marie Starcher Lawrence Dee Hinkle 04 Sep 1955 Clay County
Dora Starcher   John A. Davis   09 Aug 1916 Clay County
Dorcas E. Starcher James F. Fowler 12 Jan 1897 Calhoun County
Doris June Starcher David Eugene Densmore 03 Jul 1969 Clay County
Doris June Starcher Harvey Franklin Hersman   Nov 1971 Clay County
Dorothy Starcher   Everett Ohse     03 Jul 1950 Clay County
Dortha Starcher Josiah Church 04 Apr 1889 Calhoun County
Douglas Ferrell Starcher Telenia Gail Hanshaw 27 Mar 1999 Clay County

E. W. Starcher Faney Holcomb 16 Jul 1904 Clay County
E. W. Starcher M. H. Hardway 21 Nov 1958 Clay County
Edgar Starcher Gertrude Hardman 13 Sep 1938 Clay County
Edward Starcher Sarah Cunnelly (Connolly) 05 Mar 1874 Roane County
Edward Starcher E. J. Barnett 04 Jan 1872 Jackson County
Edward E. Starcher Josephine Unrue 28 Jun 1883 Jackson County
Edwin Starcher Maude Crislip 28 Sep 1893 Upshur County
Edwin Starcher Lida E. Kerby 16 Jun 1895 Calhoun County
Effie Starcher Charles Westfall 10 Jul 1894 Calhoun County
Effie M. Starcher Frank R. Chambers 08 Nov 1893 Roane County
Eleanor Starcher Robert Beall 25 Nov 1869 Calhoun County
Elben C. Starcher Tenna A. Casto   31 Dec 1894 Jackson County
Ellen Starcher Isaac Mace 02 Nov 1882 Calhoun County
Eli G. Starcher Georgeie Brannon 31 Dec 1923 Clay County
Elijah Starcher Malinda Adkins 09 Apr 1890 Calhoun County
Elijah T. Starcher Nancy A. Casto 08 Feb 1891 Roane County
Elisha Starcher Mary Green 18 Oct 1920 Clay County
Eliza Starcher James Campbell 10 Feb 1874 Calhoun County
Elizabeth Starcher Frank Wallbrown 21 Apr 1895 Calhoun County
Elizabeth Starcher Gay M. Carpenter 30 Sep 1894 Roane County
Elizabeth Starcher George Gibson 17 Aug 1865 Calhoun County
Emeranda Starcher George G. Stump 08 Nov 1873 Calhoun County
Emma Starcher Delbert McCown 13 Sep 1900 Calhoun County
Emma J. Starcher   John H. McCune   04 Aug 1905 Clay County
Enoch Starcher Alferetta Bean 03 Sep 1890 Barbour County
Ephraim E. Starcher Ursila F. McGee 29 Mar 1868 Jackson County
Erma Starcher   Benjamin M. Metheney   30 Oct 1941 Clay County
Esta May Starcher Walter Monroe Walker 05 Aug 1894 Jackson County
Esther Starcher George G. Griffin 06 Jun 1897 Calhoun County
Ettie Starcher William R. Miller 13 Sep 1879 Roane County
Evaline Starcher   Tom J. Hubbard   15 Apr 1945 Clay County
Evelyn Jane Starcher Eldon Louis Holloway 20 Feb 1969 Clay County
Evelyn Matbelle Starcher William C. Ramsey 07 May 1976 Clay County

F. M. Starcher Mattie Kerby 24 Apr 1887 Calhoun County
Ferrell Starcher Pearly Alice Sirk 24 Dec 1923 Clay County
Fietta Magaline Starcher Norman Carlos DeMoss 07Apr1956 Clay County
Flisty Muriel Starcher   Charles D. Holcomb   11 May 1951 Clay County
Floid Starcher Mary J. Summers 18 Jan 1891 Calhoun County
Flora E. Starcher   Alton R. Houghton   25 Mar 1928 Clay County
Frances Starcher William A. Fall 18 Sep 1893 Roane County
Francis M. Starcher Dorcas E. Coon 23 Sep 1897 Calhoun County
Francis Otmer   Starcher Carolyn Sue Gratz 22 Nov 1988 Clay County
Franklin Floyd Starcher Clara Armstrong 10 Oct 1900 Jackson County
Fred W. Starcher May L. Adkins 10 Feb 1934 Clay County

George Washington Starcher Minerva Mace 15 Dec 1878 Roane County
Galey Starcher Elcie Walker 08 May 1921 Clay County
George L. Starcher Effa Kelley 25 Dec 1890 Calhoun County
George W. Starcher Louisa Straley 12 Dec 1867 Jackson County
Georgia Starcher   J. A. Jett   24 Dec 1928 Clay County
Glayds Starcher   Clyde Davis   16 Feb 1939 Clay County
Goldie Starcher   Glen Westfall 04 Oct 1941 Clay County
Gracie B. Starcher   Opha Bragg   04 Jul 1923 Clay County
Grant Starcher Rosa May Webb 17 Apr 1898 Roane County

H. E. Starcher Louisa E. Lynch 28 Nov 1897 Calhoun County
H. G. Starcher L. Loterdale 25 Dec 1873 Jackson County
Hanson Starcher   Lizzie Starcher 01 May 1897 Roane County
Harriet Starcher Charles F. Snyder 07 Oct 1900 Roane County
Hazel Starcher   Ralph Lee   18 May 1940 Clay County
Henry Starcher Matilda Greathouse 29 Jun 1867 Calhoun County
Henry Starcher Nora Lanham 02 Aug 1886 Roane County
Henry Starcher N. J. Riggs   24 Mar 1871 Calhoun County
Henry F. Starcher Alice Hanshaw 28 Sep 1923 Clay County
W. Starcher   Eleanor F. Buchanan   09 Nov 1929 Unknown County
Herman Lee Starcher Melissa Dawn Johnson 05 Aug 1989 Clay County
Herman Lee Starcher Connie Joyce Johnson 12 Nov 1995 Clay County
Hesekiah Starcher Rosana Mace 27 Jul 1865 Calhoun County
Hesley C. Starcher Susannah E. Estep 10 Jun 1884 Clay County
Hester Glayds Starcher Vilmer James Reed 21 Jun 1952 Clay County
Hettie Fay Starcher   Carl Norman Matheney   03 Mar 1929 Clay County
Hezekiah Starcher Millie Fietta Conley 11 Oct 1890 Roane County
Hilda June Starcher   Ralph Mills Douglas   29 Jan 1955 Clay County
Hollie Starcher Eva Adkins 14 Aug 1929 Clay County
Howard Starcher Minnie Bush 08 Jan 1912 Clay County
Howard G. Starcher Mayme D. Crow 27 Sep 1899 Jackson County
Howard H. Starcher Mary E. Lyons 30 Mar 1917 Clay County
Hubbert Starcher Eunice Coon 14 Mar 1867 Roane County

Idona Starcher Newton Buck 21 Nov 1896 Calhoun County
Ina N. Starcher   Bert Mace   23 Oct 1912 Clay County
Indiana Starcher Martin Mace 11 Jan 1891 Calhoun County
Ira Starcher Cora Webb 25 Aug 1897 Roane County
Irvin Starcher Lucy Atkinson 09 Jan 1897 Roane County
Isaac Starcher Martha West 03 Jan 1867 Roane County
Isaac Starcher Jr. Margaret Booher 10 Mar 1866 Calhoun County
Isaac B. Starcher Victoria Stemple 23 Mar 1884 Calhoun County
Isabelle Starcher   Dewey C. Clendenin   27 Apr 1923 Clay County
Ivy Gay Starcher     Herschel Drake   16 Sep 1931 Clay County

J. A. Starcher Mary McCune 11 Jul 1896 Calhoun County
J. A. Starcher S. J. Marks 08 Dec 1897 Calhoun County
J. E. (James Edward) Starcher Rosy Cook 10 Dec 1913 Clay County
J. E. Starcher Lula Truman 15 Jul 1916 Clay County
J. K. Starcher Sarah Reed 28 Jul 1926 Clay County
J. P Starcher Ellen Jarvis 06 Jul 1909 Clay County
J. P. Starcher Effie Marks 15 Oct 1899 Roane County
Jacob Starcher   Elizabeth Little   06 Mar 1862 Calhoun County
Jacob Starcher Roanna Nutter 22 Apr 1876 Calhoun County
Jacob Starcher Elvira Wilson 13 Jul 1865 Upshur County
Jacob A. Starcher Martha Short 13 Aug 1892 Roane County
Jacob A. Starcher Emma Red man 07 Feb 1896 Roane County
Jacob A. Starcher Anna Sampson 19 Jul 1866 Calhoun County
Jacob J. Starcher Carrie J. Queen 12 Feb 1880 Upshur County
James Starcher Nancy Tanner 14 Oct 1902 Clay County
James Starcher Rachel L. Stockwell 01 Jun 1879 Calhoun County
James C. Starcher Rhonda Gay Music 10 Jan 1963 Clay County
James Carl Starcher Joan White 15 Dec 1990 Clay County
James D. Starcher Lizzie M. Lyons 30 Aug 1888 Jackson County
James Edward Starcher Celia E. Shamblin 19 July 1919 Clay County
James M. Starcher Sadie Sherry 22 Jun 1885 Calhoun County
James Marius Starcher Mary Ann Workman 26 Nov 1977 Clay County
James Ruley Starcher Karen Lorraine Atkin 03 Dec 1963 Clay County
Jane Starcher Daniel D. Corbitt 14 Jun 1900 Calhoun County
Jefney Starcher Neona Parson 28 Mar 1897 Roane County
Jehu Starcher Susanna Kerby 15 Jun 1868 Calhoun County
Jennie E. Starcher L. R. Sickles 24 Aug 1895 Calhoun County
Jennings Starcher Pina McCumbers Leavitt 07 May 1924 Clay County
Jennings Starcher Louisa Brady 20 Jan 1933 Clay County
Jerry Glen Starcher Charlotte Ann Nottingham 14 Apr 1973 Clay County
Jershua Starcher Adolphus P. Clark 03 Mar 1874 Calhoun County
Jesse Starcher Esther Dobbs   03 Jul 1871 Calhoun County
Jobe Starcher Melissa Starcher 05 Jun 1897 Roane County
John C. Starcher Mary Hite 17 Sep 1872 Roane County
John D. Starcher Idemma Nichols 20 Sep 1891 Roane County
John G. Starcher Louisa E. Adkins 24 Nov 1901 Clay County
John G. Starcher Lizzie Tanner 23 Feb 1907 Clay County
John H. Starcher Wavie J. King 30 May 1900   Mason County
John T. Starcher Rebecca A. Teter 06 Feb 1865 Harrison County
Johnny Larrell Starcher Judy A. Davis 18 Dec 1999 Clay County
Josiah Starcher Elizabeth Lowers 12 Sep 1867 Calhoun County
Joseph Starcher Ella Deal 21 May 1890 Calhoun County
Joseph A. Starcher Anna M. Wilson 24 Jun 1880 Calhoun County
Joseph K. Starcher Victoria Hamrick 24 Jan 1894 Roane County
Jossie Starcher Betty Runnion 02 Nov 1929 Clay County

Kathleen Virginia Starcher Farris Gene Cash 19 Apr 1970 Clay County
Kattie Starcher   Archie Davite May   15 Nov 1919   Clay County
Kenneth Ray Starcher Sheri Lynn Hanson 22 Oct 1977 Clay County
Kimberly Marie Starcher Samuel Frank Adkins 05 Oct 1986 Clay County
Kimberly Marie Starcher Frankie Leon Foster 01 Oct 1983 Clay County
Kimberly Marie Starcher Frankie Leon Foster 10 Sep 1988 Clay County
Keziah E. Starcher John Slider 13 Oct 1895 Clahoun County

L. L. Starcher Ethel McCune 16 Dec 1916 Clay County
Lafayette Starcher Sarah A. Queen 26 May 1867 Roane County
Lafayette Starcher Josephine Carpenter 17 Aug 1885 Calhoun County
Lafayette Starcher Permelia Hamon   16 Nov 1895 Jackson County
Lakie D. Starcher Grace Carpenter 22 Apr 1920 Clay County
Lamar M. Starcher Margaret Cobb 15 Apr 1897 Jackson County
Lambert Starcher Ruby West 03 Mar 1945 Clay County
Laura Gay Starcher   Clifford Olem Craft   29 Nov 1958 Clay County
Laverna Starcher Reuben Nichols 31 Jul 1884 Calhoun County
Laverna Starcher L. D. Hall 24 Dec 1890 Calhoun County
Lemuel Starcher Mahala Carpenter 24 Oct 1880 Calhoun County
Leonard Starcher Flora Hackney 13 Jan 1894 Roane County
Lettie J. Starcher   Homer D. Miller   22 Apr 1920 Clay County
Lewellen S. Starcher Virginia Cadle 20 Aug 1893 Roane County
Leverna Starcher William R. King 28 Dec 1876 Roane County
Levi Starcher Nevada Booher 23 Dec 1897 Roane County
Lillie M. Starcher     W.C. Birdett     07 Sep 1912 Clay County
Linda Ann Starcher D. A. Booher 12 Jan 1884 Roane County
Linda Faye Starcher Floyd Glen Workman 17 Oct 1997 Clay County
Linda Gay Starcher Wilber Wayne Watson 29 Nov 1952 Clay County
Linda Lou Starcher   Bobby Eugene Deems   14 Aug 1972 Clay County
Linda Mae Starcher Tommy Allen Rhodes 22 Apr 1971 Clay County
Lisa Lynn Starcher Michael Wayne Tanner 05 Nov 1985 Clay County
Liveinia Starcher F. L. McCune 11 Oct 1886 Calhoun County
Lizzie Starcher Hanson Starcher 01 May 1897 Roane County
Lizzie Starcher Joseph Buck 16 Dec 1896 Calhoun County
Lizzie M. Starcher   A.W. Birdett     12 Dec 1915   Clay County
Lockard Starcher Alta Alma Sampson 02 Dec 1934   Calhoun County
Lona Starcher Emanuel Curry 14 May 1899 Roane County
Loren Eugene Starcher Velma Louise Deems 29 Mar 1958 Clay County
Louiza Starcher John Tanner 28 Feb 1884 Roane County
Lucille Ann Starcher   Denver Ray DeMoss   19 Jul 1962 Clay County
Lucille Virginia Starcher Steven Glen King   (No Date) Clay County
Lucinda Starcher Thomas B. Heater 13 Sep 1870 Calhoun County
Lucy Starcher     Lorenza Dickey     16 Apr 1912 Clay County
Lucy Starcher Dickey     John Green     15 Jul 1923 Clay County
Lucy F. Starcher Daniel W. Harris 19 Oct 1898 Calhoun County
Lumma Starcher E. D. Anderson 02 Jul 1896 Roane County
Lynn Ann Osborne Starcher Michael Wayne Tanner 02 Jul 1994 Clay County

M. J. Starcher George B. Hickman 20 Oct 1869 Calhoun County
M. J. Starcher Margaret Blake 01 Oct 1893 Calhoun County
Madge Starcher   Jim Lamb   20 Oct 1938 Clay County
Maggie Starcher Francis M. lderman 26 Sep 1896 Roane County
Mahala Starcher David L. Gandee 25 Aug 1895 Roane County
Mahala Starcher James W. Wright 23 Sep 1882 Calhoun County
Mahulda A. Starcher John Buck 02 May 1885 Calhoun County
Malen Starcher Sarah E. Marks 14 Jun 1896 Calhoun County
Malinda Starcher Minter J. Bell 19 Dec 1873 Calhoun County
Malissa Starcher William Tanner 22 Sep 1867 Calhoun County
Malissa Starcher Samuel Coon 12 Oct 1898 Calhoun County
Manerva Starcher   Joesph Nutter   30 Apr 1863 Calhoun County
Mar Starcher E. C. Bocher (Booher) 26 Aug 1883 Roane County
Marcellus Starcher Lelia Barnes 14 Jun 1883 Roane County
Marie Starcher   Don Runion   24 May 1937 Clay County
Marilyn Starcher   Elbert Tawney   03 Sep 1938 Clay County
Marlyn Clyde Starcher Dottie Deals 26 May 1950 Clay County
Margaret J. Starcher George W. Riley 21 Apr 1872 Jackson County
Marshall Starcher Louisa Greene Husk 12 Aug 1875 Calhoun County
Martha Starcher Henry Harris 25 Dec 1883 Roane County
Martha Starcher Benjamin H. Adams 19 Apr 1890 Calhoun County
Martin Starcher Lizzie Fall 03 Feb 1896 Roane County
Mary Starcher John Bailey 09 Jul 1871 Calhoun County
Mary Starcher D. J. Wells 04 Sep 1881 Roane County
Mary Starcher R. W. Ervin 01 Jan 1876 Calhoun County
Mary Starcher Richard Kerwood 21 Apr 1864 Jackson County
Mary Starcher   Dallas Greathouse   19 Aug 1948 Clay County
Mary Starcher   Robert Falls   15 Feb 1909 Clay County
Mary Starcher   George W. Nottingham   05 Oct 1914 Clay County
Mary C. Starcher G. W. Buck 25 Jul 1880 Calhoun County
Mary Ellen Starcher   Allen Lee Barron   20 Jul 1978 Clay County
Mary Emogene Starcher Gary Lee Rucker 12 Nov 1964 Clay County
Mary F. Starcher Everett Blosser 16 Aug 1895 Roane County
Mary Helen Starcher   Glen Paul Keener   01 Nov 1964 Clay County
Mary Magaline Starcher Ellis Opto Harrison 12 Nov 1955 Clay County
Maryetta Starcher Thomas Carpenter 15 Feb 1883 Calhoun County
Matilda Starcher Charles Nichols 08 Mar 1869 Roane County
Matilda Starcher Timothy McCune 26 May 1889 Calhoun County
Mazella A. Starcher John A. Warth 02 Oct 1873 Jackson County
Melissa Starcher Jobe Starcher 05 Jun 1897 Roane County
Melissa Jane Starcher O. D. Hickel 21 Jul 1895 Jackson County
Melton Starcher Dealie Falls 17 Apr 1950 Clay County
Melton Luther Starcher Anita Mae Wood 23 Jun 1966 Clay County
Millie Conley Starcher Andrew J. Runyon 03 Jul 1926 Clay County
Milton L. Starcher Dianna McCune 24 Feb 1909 Clay County
Milton L. Starcher Flora Gay Marks 20 Jan 1918 Clay County
Missouri Starcher (f) Bee Smith (m) 01 Oct 1887 Calhoun County
Morgan Starcher Rachel Champ 20 Sep 1891 Roane County
Morrias P. Starcher Bertie Webb 23 Dec 1900 Roane County
Myra Starcher Levi Cottrell 25 Apr 1897 Calhoun County
Myrtle Starcher   Scott Nottingham 15 Apr 1908 Clay County
Myrtle Starcher   Lonnie Tanner   13 Aug 1927 Clay County

Nathan Starcher Saphrona Starcher 26 Aug 18984 Calhoun County
Nancie Starcher Alonzo Nutter 13 Aug 1892 Roane County
Nancy Starcher Given L. Nichols 09 Dec 1886 Roane County
Nancy Starcher Alexander Marks 08 Jan 1888 Roane County
Nancy Starcher George C. Sherry 18 Mar 1894 Calhoun County
Nina Clarice Starcher Delbert Lambert Faundes 28 Jun 1953 Clay County

Okey Starcher Cora Petit 01 Oct 1937 Clay County
Okey E. Starcher Juanita Harris 16 Apr 1949 Clay County
Olive Starcher   Harry Weese   08 May 1939 Clay County
Ora Starcher George A. Monroe 03 May 1894 Roane County
Orville Starcher Ota Jarvis 02 Jul 1924 Clay County
Ota Starcher   Floyd Guy Boggs   16 Mar 1968   Ckay County
Otis Starcher Inna Samples 23 Feb 1939 Clay County
Otmer Starcher Evelyn Lois Brown 16 Jun 1934 Clay County

P. E. Starcher Lucretia Wilson 11 Aug 1899 Roane County
Patricia Ann Starcher   James William May 03 Apr 1993 Clay County
Patricia Arretha Starcher Arnold Gale Taylor 08 Jan 1977 Clay County
Perry Starcher Lucretia C. Carpenter 28 May 1870 Roane County
Perry J. Starcher Martha J. Harmon 07 Mar 1889 Jackson County
Peter Starcher Sarah Wilson 04 Oct 1866 Calhoun County
Phebe Starcher George W. Shafer 15 Sep 1879 Calhoun County
Philip Starcher Jr. Mary E. Evans 23 May 1880   Calhoun County

Radia Starcher   Lonnie M. Crowe   18 Oct 1925 Clay County
Raymond Starcher Dora Hughes 10 May 1949 Clay County
Raymond Wilbert Starcher Stella May DeMoss 16 Oct 1953 Clay County
Rebecca Starcher John Cooper 27 Feb 1873 Roane County
Rebecca Starcher Miles Miller 25 Mar 1877 Roane County
Rebecca Starcher James Riggs 24 Mar 1871 Roane County
Rebecca J. Starcher Lewis J. McIlawane 27 Dec 1888 Roane County
Rebecca J. Starcher Thomas M. Chapman 10 Oct 1869 Clay County
Riley Starcher Gerushia Jarvis 29 Jun 1905 Clay County
Roana Starcher J. W. Bick 29 Apr 1893 Clay County
Robert N. Starcher Margie Gardner 09 Mar 1890 Jackson County
Robert R. Starcher Susan Cherry 18 Apr 1882 Jackson County
Ronald Raymond Starcher Karen Sue Doss 15 Dec 1977 Clay County
Rosa B. Starcher Camden Roberts 03 Dec 1892 Calhoun County
Roscoe Starcher Maxine Eagle 29 Nov 1950 Clay County
Rosa Bell Starcher M. S. Browning   02 Jun 1889 Calhoun County
Rosa E. Starcher E. W. D. King 18 Jun 1874 Jackson County
Rosanna J. Starcher Sylvester Kerby 23 May 1880 Calhoun County
Rose Starcher   James harrison Taylor   08 Jan 1960 Clay County
Ruby Starcher   Lynn Matheney   12 Jul 1941 Clay County
Rouie Starcher   Roy Watkins   June 30, 1940     Clay County
Ruth Starcher William Richards 28 Jul 1888 Calhoun County

Salathail Starcher Elizabeth Slider 22 Jan 1868 Calhoun County
Salina Starcher W. L. Holland 28 Aug 1873 Roane County
Salina Starcher Leonard W. Brannon 05 Dec 1880 Calhoun County
Salllie Starcher David Bailey 25 Apr 1897 Calhoun County
Sallie Ann Starcher Galentine Jinkins Rhodes 20 Aug 1966 Clay County
Samuel Starcher Edie C. Holland 30 Jan 1884 Roane County
Samuel B. Starcher M. J. Davis 23 Nov 1878 Jackson County
Samuel G. Starcher Willa Belle Keenan 23 jan 1898 Jackson County
Saphrona Starcher Nathan Starcher 26 Aug 1894 Calhoun County
Sarah Starcher J. W. Miller 26 Jan 1881 Roane County
Sarah Starcher John Booher 05 May 1874 Calhoun County
Sarah Starcher Thomas Murphey 08 Dec 1894 Calhoun County
Sarah Starcher   Lazle Lee Keffer   25 Apr 1946 Clay County
Sarah E. Starcher George Wagoner 12 Oct 1890 Calhoun County
Sarah E. Starcher John E. Fowler 15 Dec 1899 Calhoun County
Sarah Ellen Starcher     Melvin Ira Hall     07 May 1955 Clay County
Scott Starcher Nancy Reed 07 Jun 1873 Clay County
Shelby Ruth Starcher Joseph Herod Nottingham 08 Oct 1967 Clay County
Shelda Caren Starcher   Kermit Cardell Carr   30 Mar 1958 Clay County
Silas Whitney Starcher Jane May Marietta 27 Jun 1966 Clay County
Solomon Starcher   Lucinda Ward 21 Mar 1880 Calhoun County
Sonja Faye Starcher Donald Wayne Summers 22 Nov 1973 Clay County
Sonja Faye Starcher   Roy Dale Harlow   10 Feb 1979 Clay County
Sophia Starcher William Rhodes 14 Sep 1884 Jackson County
Susannah Starcher   Isaac Little 19 Sep 1877 Calhoun County
Susie Starcher Joseph C. Carpenter 27 Jan 1897 Roane County
Sydney Starcher Jacob Hall 25 Dec 1899 Calhoun County

Theresa Ann Starcher   Junior Lee White   19 Sep 1966 Clay County
Thomas J. Starcher Margaret J. Morrison 24 Dec 1876 Roane County
Thomas J. Starcher Mary E. Smith 08 Feb 1880 Calhoun County
Tonya Renee Starcher Carte   Chad Allen Salisbury 20 Jun 2000 Clay County

Vala Forest Starcher Emma Fulks 08 Dec 1935 Clay County
Violet Jean Starcher   Robert Edward Cash   25 Jul 1962 Clay County
Violet Jean Starcher Cash Calvin Curtis Rose 23 Oct 1973 Clay County
Virginia Starcher   Herlman Adkins   19 May 1936 Clay County
Virginia Alis Starcher Edward Wright   01 Feb 1891 Calhoun County
Vonna M. Starcher   James G. Samples   10 Jul 1953 Clay County

W. H. Starcher Nancy C. Conley 21 Dec 1876 Roane County
W. H. Starcher Rachel C. Groaves 05 Dec 1897 Calhoun County
Wavie Starcher   Dencil Pierson   04 Jul 1946 Clay County
Wesley Starcher Julia A. Lynch 11 Mar 1869 Calhoun County
William Starcher Malinda McGrew 07 Apr 1870 Roane County
William Starcher Nettie Nichols 29 Oct 1893 Roane County
William Starcher Sarah E. Husk 06 Apr 1879 Calhoun County
William F. Starcher Sallie Bowers 01 Feb 1896 Calhoun County
William F. Starcher Virginia E. Cole 05 Oct 1881 Jackson County
William H. Starcher Lucretia Mace 16 Oct 1881 Calhoun County
William H. Starcher Josie Long 13 Aug 1896 Calhoun County
William H. Starcher E. M. Stewart 16 Oct 1884 Jackson County
William J. Starcher Rosa L. Dawson 21 Oct 1900 Calhoun County
William M. Starcher Rebecca L. Harper 11 Nov 1894 Roane County
William R. Starcher Cornelia Morgan 20 Aug 1893 Calhoun County
Willie Starcher Annie Keener 06 Jan 1927 Clay County
Wilma Mardell Starcher Austin Ray Salisbury 25 Aug 1945 Clay County
Wynona Esther Starcher John Garrett Davis 20 Oct 1973 Clay County

1. Andy Starcher is Andrew Newman Starcher, the son of John G. Starcher and Louisa Adkins.
2. Orville Starcher who married Ota Jarvis is also the son of John G. Starcher and Louisa Adkins
3. Carol McClellan Starcher's wife is Anita not Anitra
4. John G. Starcher's second wife is Elizabeth not Lizzie. He married her after Louisa's death.
5. Marilyn Clyde married Dottie Deal not Deals.

1. C. M. Starcher is Cornelius Starcher, son of Jacob Starcher and Margaret Sampson
2. D. W. Starcher is David W. Starcher, son of Phillip Starcher and Louisa Stallman
3. E.W. Starcher and Faney Holcomb are Enoch Waitman Starcher and Virginia Holcomb.
4. F.M. Starcher and Mattie Kirby are Francis Marion Starcher, son of Phillip Starcher and Louisa Stallman, and Martha Kirby.
5. Hesley C. Starcher is Hezekiah "Carr" Starcher, son of Andrew Jackson Starcher and Rebecca Miller.   Susan Estep was his first wife.   They divorced sometime before 1890.   They did have one son together, Enoch Philip Starcher, who eventually took his step father's last name, Camp.
6. J.A. Starcher and S. J. Marks are Jacob Adam Starcher and Sarah Jane Marks.   Jacob is the son of Henry Starcher and Elizabeth McElwain.
7. J.P. Starcher   who married Effie Marks is Jacob P. Starcher, the son of William Brannon Starcher and Caroline Barnhouse.
8. M.J. Starcher, who married George Hickman is Melissa Jane Starcher, daughter of William Thomas Starcher and Nancy McElwain
9. M.J. Starcher, married to Margaret Blake is Marshall J. Starcher, the son of Jacob Starcher and Margaret Sampson.
10. P.E. Starcher is Peter E. Starcher, the son of Hezekiah Starcher and Rosanna Mace.
11. Scott Starcher is Winfield Scott Starcher.
12. Agnes Starcher is the widow of Russell Starcher.
13. Dillon Falls, who married Anna Starcher, is the son of Mary Ellen Starcher and Robert Falls. I am unsure of Anna's parents and would appreciate any information on her.
14. Delia Starcher is Ardelia Starcher.   Frank Runion is her second husband.   She and Semer Dawson divorced.
15. Lillie Starcher's husband is William Cephus Burdette.  
16. Millie Conley Starcher is the widow of Hezekiah "Carrr" Starcher.
17. Sonja Faye Starcher's maiden name is Conrad.   Her first husband was Ronald R. Starcher.   They were married in Harrison County.   I am not sure of the exact date